This page is dedicated to those who are dying and who will die in Afghanistan from 2001 on. These attacks have no precedent in Human history, since it was never proved who was responsible for the terrorist acts against USA. The "human rights country" has tried Osama Bin Laden but has convicted the people from Afghanistan to death, terror, disease and horror without a single proof. In this page you are going to see some of the atrocities committed by the "Good" against the "Evil" people (pearl by G.W.Bush). There is no War going on in Afghanistan. War happens between two States and not between a State and a single untried man. There is a genocide going on in Afghanistan. All pictures by Reuters and France Press.


Dead child and desperate father in Kabul                                                Another innocent victim of brutal bombs










Evil people watch the destruction of their homes in Kabul                               Evil people ON their homes in Kabul



All "military" victims of the North-American attacks

More "military" victims. The child on the left is 2 years old and has 5 kilos. The one on  the right proudly fetches stones to rebuild her home.












These are some of the "military" targets of the missiles.                         On the right, the Red Cross building in Kabul.



A child and her daddy waiting at the hospital after bombing.       On the right, children in boxes (potentical victims)



             Child in a comma in Kabul                                                   Dead child after north-american bombing


More victims of north-american and british missiles. Pay attention to the "hospital" physical conditions.





Party at the US Enterprise after attacks.                                 These 2 ton gifts were sent "with love" to the children 










Victims next to their "military bases"                                                     Dangerous afghan refugee



               Kabul in feast day                                                                                 No words for this


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